Solution 2%, Solution 5% Extra strength, Plus, MOB, Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-in Conditione, Relaxer
helps prevent hair loss,
and stimulates new
growth, at the root.


1) MINOVAL Lotion stimulates and enlarges
hair follicles that have shrunken over time
due to a combination of hormonal activity
and heredity. So it's actually reversing the
hair loss process.
MINOVAL Lotion also prolongs the growth
period of hair. In the natural life cycle of the
hair, a growth phase alternates with a resting
phase. When your hair has extended growth
phases, it is able to become thicker and
MINOVAL Lotion repairs the scalp from
the damages caused by using hair relaxer or
the sun, and prepare your scalp for new
Contact Information
Email : info@minoval.com

To order Minoval Plus or Minoval MOB write to:
KNN  Distributors
P.O. Box 213063
Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411
2% & 5%
While the FDA approved Minoxidil for men in 1988 and for women in 1991, Minoval was already in use in Haiti since 1984. Having
extensively studied hair thinning and hair loss, the makers of Minoval have established themselves as leading experts in the science and
treatment of this condition, for men and for women.
Perhaps of greater comfort to you is the fact that it contains minoxidil, the only ingredient the FDA has approved for the treatment of
hereditary hair thinning in women.
Minoval  is a topical solution that is applied to your scalp. It does not affect hormones. So among other reasons why women choose it is the
fact that Minoval  is safe and doesn't require a prescription.
The scientific research shows why Minoval is safe and effective:  no major side effects were reported by the dermatologists who conducted
extensive clinical studies.  
Other Considerations. A small percentage of users — about 6% — experience scalp irritation. If that happens to you, make sure you have
been using a gentle shampoo — like Minoval Plus Shampoo and Rinse. You can also use a mild dandruff shampoo twice a week to help
keep your scalp healthy. If the irritation still doesn't clear up, stop use and see your doctor.
It is important that pregnant or nursing women do not use Minoval.